May 11, 2016

Book Club: The Nest

Do you have siblings? Does your family have drama? Do you have a trust fund? Do you wish you did?

This month's book club pick goes to Cynthia D'aprix Sweeney's, The Nest

I picked up a copy after everyone and their dog-walker seemed to be sharing the book on social media, and I was curious about the hype. Also, every bookstore I walked into, seemed to have the blue and gold cover smack in the middle of every display.

The Nest takes place in my favourite city (New York), and immerses its reader into the dysfunctional Plumb family right before all four siblings are set to inherit "the nest," a trust fund their father set up for them.

The terms of the fund is that they can inherit the money only when the youngest, Melody, turns 40. So what could possibly go wrong? For starters, it involves the eldest, Leo, and a drunk driving car accident with a 19 year old waitress. The rest, you'll have to read.

At first, I thought it would be a beachy, fluff read, but Sweeney's story and characters had real depth, and I felt like I was part of the group; an insider into a robust family narrative. By the end, I was sad to say goodbye to the Plumb family, and their stories stuck with me all week. (The sign of a good book). 

For your spring reading fever, I'd recommend picking up a copy. (It won't be hard to find). x 


  1. I saw this book the other day at a store and almost bought it, now I regret not getting it! I have 3 siblings so this should be fun to read,

  2. After reading mixed reviews I finally decided to download The Nest. So glad I did because I loved it! The book made me smile and I found myself not wanting to close the book at night and eager to continue reading the next day.

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  5. I love a story with great characters and the Plumbs certainly are just that! What a wonderful ending as well. Great entertainment, wonderful storyline and I hated to see it end. A really good read!