October 5, 2015

Book Clubbin' - October Picks

There are two ways I read books. I either devour them with every spare moment I have, (before bed, on the subway, during breakfast) or I keep them by my bedside and slog through them.

While I read year-round, there is something about fall that ups my appetite for books, the way some people increase their Netflix binging. My three book recommendations couldn't be further linked or related, but they provide heartfelt, terrifying, and brilliant reads for whatever your mood is.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness - I almost missed my subway stop reading this book. It's a mind-blowing (no pun intended) true tale of Susannah Cahalan, a 24 year old journalist from the New York Post who develops an undetectable brain disorder/psychosis that nearly destroys her life. It feels like a horror story, providing a terrifying, and real life look into something that could happen to anyone Read it: if you like non-fiction & thrillers 

All The Light We Cannot See - Full disclosure, this book took me five months to finish. The Pulitzer Prize winning novel was dense, and the subject matter: two children affected by the onset of World War II; first, a young boy recruited into Hitler's regime, and then, a young blind girl whose father works at a museum in France, was heavy. There's also a famous jewel involved. The descriptions are so beautiful that it's impossible to give up on. Read it: if you like award-winning fiction & historical prose

Why Not Me - Mindy Kaling is the woman you wish you could invite over at all times to dissect your life into snippets of hilarity. Her second book/memoir is a light read that focuses on her new views on fame, beauty, and Hollywood norms. My favourite chapter is about weddings, where she whines about being a bridesmaid, and the changing roles of friendship. Read it: if you like to laugh, and binge watch The Mindy Project 

I'll be adding to my bookshelf this month so stay tuned for more recommendations!