August 18, 2015

Anyone still out there?

"But the thing about rising is we have to continue upward, the thing about going beyond is we have to keep going"- Cheryl Strayed

Hello readers!?

I feel like I owe you an explanation.

It's pretty apparent I've taken a hiatus from the blog. This is the longest I've gone in five years without writing something on this platform. As summer approached, I became consumed with work, friends, weddings, events and freelancing.

I was also plagued with a bit of social media fatigue, as my recent job involves a lot of content creation. I became stuck in my own head, with a scrolling screen repeating: I have nothing interesting to say. My life isn't aspirational. Instagram is all people really care about anyways. Blogs are dying.

There are always reasons why we stop doing something we love.

I was caught up with the notion that to have a blog in 2015 means to have thousands of followers on social media, and to have a perfectly filtered life. These days, social media is a photo of a coffee cup, filled with organic, fair trade java imported from Costa Rica, the cup made in a pottery class by a DIYer.

And while I've gone back and forth about shutting down this space, I wasn't ready to do it.

The thing about teetering above two things is you can usually tell what side of the fence you'll fall on when someone shakes the metal wires. You'll know when diving head first towards jagged rocks, that you secretly hoped you'd hit the ocean.

I'll still never post a million selfies, be an expert chef, or contouring expert, and heck, the only person that may be happy that I revived the blog will be my mom, but I'm okay with that.

As Cheryl says in the quote above from her advice book, Tiny Beautiful Things, "We have to keep going." It's a mantra I've carried with me this summer when I felt trapped in the past, or negative thought-patterns.

I have a variety of posts coming up, including a new travel diary about Vancouver!

The snap above shows the best view in Squamish, British Columbia.

Stay tuned! x