March 9, 2015

Life Changers: Boxing

I was nervous to attend my first boxing class.

I’d never punched anything before, except maybe a time sheet at a part-time job.

I'm anti-violence at all costs, so I didn't know how much I'd enjoy hitting a heavy bag. I was also a bit insecure about not knowing how to properly throw a punch.

When I arrived at class, I was relived to see the equal mix of men and women, and was glad that I wasn’t alone in my fight. I initially thought taking boxing classes would be good to add to my fitness routine. I'd read how top supermodels like Gigi Hadid, or Adriana Lima have been using it as their main form of fitness. What I didn't anticipate was the mental clarity I'd receive after every class.

Boxing causes you to confront what you’re hiding. 

It forces you to concentrate, and let out any form of stress, or even surprisingly, joy. I assumed that boxing would be something that is beneficial only I'm feeling angry, or aggressive, instead, I can hit the bag, and think of my goals and aspirations. I can release any anxiousness I have over things I can’t control. By hitting something that doesn't hit back, I am able to let go.

As long as the bag is there, I can fight.

When I box, I look my worst. My curly hair frizzes into a halo from the sweat, and I get splotches on my cheeks from the in-between cardio and weight training. But when I’m done, I leave feeling two inches taller, healthier and more like myself than during any other workout.

I become a bit more of the woman that I imagine myself to be. Someone who is fearless, and in-tune with her body and mind. After I take a shower, I’m more compassionate to my reflection.

I know that I did something good for myself, and it makes all the difference.

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  1. I've never tried boxing. I have attended a few self-defense martial arts classes at my gym... and that requires you to basically kick other people's asses. I kind of didn't like that. Thanks for the honest review of boxing... I'm thinking punching a bag is a good outlet.