March 11, 2015

Beauty - 3 Questions with A Makeup Artist

Meet Dallas! She's a professional photographer, and makeup artist with an inspiring website and blog. She's also the one who took these fun confetti photos of me last year. With a new season around the corner, I asked her for some tips for a spring makeup and beauty transition. Enjoy!

credit: Andria Lindquist
Winter leaves skin drab, what are some beauty tips for switching up a routine for spring?

Start by drinking as much water as possible. I use the Waterbalance app to remind myself to take breaks from working to grab a big glass of water and stay hydrated. The next thing I'd suggest would be finding some kind of exfoliating product that works for your skin. My two favourites are Lush Ocean Salt and Aveda's Exfoliant from their Botanical Kinetics line. The main point of both products is to help remove the buildup of dead skin cells and dry patches that winter seems to create. Follow this up with your favourite moisturizer immediately afterwards to avoid drying out your skin. My final tip would be to amp up the SPF of your sunscreen with the arrival of spring, since you'll be spending more time outdoors in the glorious sunshine.

What is your top pick for a seasonal blush swap?

During winter I favour cream blushes or cheek tints in rosy or wine shades. The cream formula tends to blend better with heavier, winter moisturizers I layer on. When spring arrives, I like to use classic pink or coral shades for a brighter, more cheerful look. I also switch to a powder format as soon as the weather gets warmer to help avoid shine. My all-time favourite springtime blush is NARS Gaiety.

What is your number one makeup tip to look awake?

Any kind of luminizing product that can be used to add dimension to your skin and highlight your features. Benefit makes several shades, such as High Beam, Moon Beam and Sun Beam. Choose the one that complements your skin tone and apply it to your cheekbones, cupid's bow and chin. I use either Benefit's line or I mix MAC Strobe Cream with my foundation to look upbeat and bright on even the earliest (or most hungover) of mornings.


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