December 11, 2014

The List - Babies, Advent Calendars, Half pops, and Gifts That Give Back

It's time for another Not A Model round-up list. Below are some things I've been liking, reading, eating and tweeting. Enjoy!

1. There is nothing like receiving snail mail of your little cousins to stick some magnets on. My fridge (see above) has been getting quite crowded...with cuteness!

2. The New York Times gathered the top 9 actors of 2014 for a short film series called 9 Kisses. It pairs them in nine short videos, all involving a kiss. My favourite is Julianne Moore & John Lithgow's dance floor encounter.

3. My client and favourite lady Linda of Body Bijou is having a 20% site-wide sale until December 17th. Just enter the code: THANK YOU. Remember, 50% of their profits go to help girls get an education in the developing world. Give a gift that gives back!

4. I love when companies send me snacks for my stomach rumbles. My favourite of the month are Half Pops! It's popcorn that is partially popped, and it's addicting. Try: the butter and pure ocean sea salt flavour.

5. Photo pause: Malala Yousafzai arriving in Oslo, Norway to accept her Nobel Prize.

6. Looking for tunes? Jessie Ware's Tough Love album has been on repeat in my life.

7. LOVE Magazine's Advent Calendar features models dancing around in tiny rooms, in not very much clothing. It features famous ladies like Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima and Suki Waterhouse. Also NSFW, well, depends on where you work..

8. Though, my preference is the Frozen Advent Calendar my sister bought me...

9. I don't even watch Sons of Anarchy, but Charlie Hunnum is a babe (via Vogue).  

10. This article by She Does the City, "All My Friends Are Getting Married (and I'm Eating Potato Chips" is a nice reminder that everyone is in different places in their twenties.


  1. The babies are adorable but I have to say #8 and #10 are my favourite haha

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