November 13, 2014

The Sleep Diaries

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"How do you sleep?"

I was asked this recently by a friend due to the fact that my mind is always racing. I'm always thinking. (This sounds strange, I mean, if you're not thinking than what exactly is your brain doing?)

But for me, it's more of an over-analyzing situation; my brain on a ferris wheel.

When you're a "Thinker" like me, sleep is very important. Over the years I've learned that a lack of sleep is linked to a myriad of problems like: disease, loss of memory, weight gain, etc. My cure for getting a good night's sleep is a good eye mask. Sleeping in a cave for a year (also known as a room without a window) turned me into a female bear. I no longer can sleep if there is even the smallest bit of light in a room.

My pick? DIA Collection Sleep Masks. They were kind enough to send me a mask to review after I spotted them in Novella mag. Their masks have ear loops, and are made of 100% silk. The loops make them easy to stay on, without creasing your hair. The silk feels soft on your eyes, and refreshes what I like to call "Computer Eyes" aka staring at a screen all day.

Mine is in black (but they have plenty of colours) and it's my new secret weapon against sleeping...and thinking. To find out more, head to

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