November 10, 2014

Published: Man Repeller

One of my favourite websites is Man Repeller. The creator, Leandra Medine turned her popular blog into a business, a book deal, and a revolution from dressing like a mannequin.

The blog recently started a writing club, and each week they ask for submissions for a new topic. Last week the topic was Fan Fiction. I was watching quite a bit of Full House on Netflix and somehow this story just fell from my fingertips. I submitted and they chose it!

If you've ever been a Full House fan, this one's for you: Date Night with Dr. Dare

Happy Monday!


  1. Amanda I love this. Congratulations on being chosen! I've been watching Full House too, every day at 5:30pm on basic cable. Arlo thinks the show is called MICHELLE - he officially is in love for the first time (and I am officially jealous of all the women that will eventually be more important to him than I am. Sigh.)
    Keep writing xo