October 22, 2014

Welcome to New York

I go to New York, the way a person recharges at a spa.

Every time I visit, it feels like I never left. I see the same friends. I stay at the same place in Brooklyn. I insert myself into the daily swarms of people heading everywhere, and nowhere. I eat sandwiches, and bagels and stay out too late, and then eat another sandwich, and sip on too many cups of coffee. And just like that, I feel inspired again.

New York isn't a juice cleanse, it's a sugar rush.

On Sunday, Jules and I headed over to Central Park, as I found out that one of my new favourite bands City of the Sun was playing a live show by the Bethesda Fountain. I've been to Central Park before, but because of its size, I realized I had never been to that specific area before.

On the day I returned to Toronto, Taylor Swift released a new song called Welcome to New York. It's all about the wonder of the city, and how it's been "waiting for you." Umm...doesn't T.Swift know the sadness that always arrives the moment my plane lands? While my post-NYC melancholy always lingers for a few days (hello couch, Netflix and new track pants from Uniqlo), I do carry the positive energy from the weekend with me.

Below are some photos from my day in Central Park. Also, if you're looking for some good music to soothe your week, check out City of the Sun, and their instrumental hit, Everything. x