October 9, 2014

Weekly Mantra - Freedom vs. Confidence

Confidence seems to be the easy answer to everything.

Magazine editors, actors, models — they all love to tell us that confidence is what makes a person. My favourite beauty site, Into the Gloss and their founder Emily Weiss wrote the following quote this week, and I loved it.

I like her view on being fearless, even if things aren't where they are supposed to be. Enjoy. x

"Freedom and confidence are two different things, in my book. Confidence is overrated—it can be faked, whereas freedom is fearlessness. Freedom is being more or less okay with wherever you’re at, at any given point in your life or your day or your hour, be it really sucky or really great or somewhere in between (and there are a lot of in-betweens.) The single guiding principle that I try to follow, assuming blindly that the rest will fall into place, is to operate squarely in the present. I think it’s one of the most difficult things for anyone to do." 
- Emily Weiss via  via Into the Gloss

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