October 15, 2014

The List - Moments

If you've been following me on Instagram, you may think that all I do is go to weddings, baptisms and family functions. You may be right. I've been running around for the past few weeks gearing up for weekends full of milestones.

Below is a round up of my latest moments, the kind that you spend with only the best people in your life. Enjoy!

1. No, I'm not going to prom. This is me before my friend's wedding. I stopped by my parents' house to drop off a bag, and they came running down the stairs with their phones and assaulted me with camera flashes. (All while my ride watched in the driveway)

2. I was recently a bridesmaid for one of my best friend's weddings. I stood by with the friends I've known since grade six, and quietly marked the official end of childhood.
3. In cooking moments, I can admit that I've lapsed on making proper meals. With an evening job, I find myself eating granola bars, or anything that can fit in a Ziploc bag. Last week, I found myself with a night off so I made a simple rice dish, using my mom's homemade tomato sauce. For Thanksgiving, I made a beet and goat cheese terrine. I found the recipe on The Chalkboard Mag, via British sisters Hemsley and Hemsley.

4. Families that selfie together...stay together? Inspired by Ellen's Oscar shot, my family did our own Thanksgiving selfie. My favourite are the two baby expressions at the bottom. They must be thinking, What's wrong with these people? 
5. I love taking photographs, and it seems that I am now the unofficial photographer at family engagements. While I'm an admitted amateur, the best feeling is scrolling through your photos and finding the perfect shot. The photo below is from Baby Kate's baptism. It captures the love of her (ridiculously attractive) parents, and the curiosity of this beautiful baby girl.  


  1. Love the photos! And spending two weekends at weddings with you :)

  2. Gorgeous girl! You look stunning!