September 26, 2014

The List: Things I Don't Want to Admit...

Things I don't want to admit... (and other things I've liked this week)

1. Having a cold turns me into a six year old. All I want to do is call my mom and talk in a baby voice, and mummify myself with a blanket on the couch. No inspirational mantra here people.

2. More times than not, spoonfuls of nutella, jam or peanut butter is my version of dessert. Suzy Pinterest avert your eyes!

3. I am STILL reading The Goldfinch.

4. The best run I had this week was to the new Tim McGraw album. Nothing against Tim, but I never thought I'd run to country music.

5. My best friend started working at a new coffee shop called The Tempered Room in Parkdale, Toronto. It's bursting with homemade french pastries, and cute men in plaid shirts. (Okay, that last part was only one time)

6. This New York Times article about Italian socialite Marella Agnelli, wife to the chairman of the Fiat empire intrigued me. I especially enjoyed the line, "It was time I learned the “three-S rule”: “sogni,” “salute” and “soldi” (dreams, health and money). These were the subjects, she explained, one should never discuss in public." On that note, please forget #1 on this list.

7. Lena Dunham's advice videos "Ask Lena" on Nymag, gave me a good laugh.

8. Spending time at my best man since birth's apartment brightened my entire week. His eye for decor is unparalleled. He can put feathers in a box (and he did) and make it look cool.

9. Lately, a "wild night out" is going for dinner and watching my friends fall asleep on my couch at 11 p.m.

10. Here's to the weekend. Stay healthy, and happy. x

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