September 2, 2014

Finding Balance

image via thecareco
Last week on my walk home from my ballet barre class, I bought a bag of Twizzlers.

Instead of ignoring my craving for high fructose corn syrup, or beating myself up about it, I gave in. I bought the pack, and ate a few chewy strings on my sweaty walk home. To me, that is balance.

Lately, I'm trying to balance a lot of things.

The list ranges from working long hours, writing, blogging, freelancing; maintaining some respect of a social life; living healthily, and having some fun along the way. Fitness seems to be the cornerstone of balancing stress and all that sticky stuff that gets caught in my brain and tells me to obsess over one thing, or that I'm not good enough.

It's blasting Ariana Grande while reading a book about grammar.

Last week, the blog took the balance hit, with none of my posts going live. I've had the chance to interview and meet so many great people for Not A Model, so stay tuned.

The important thing about balance is that it looks different for everyone.

You need to find the groove that makes you feel good. You need to walk the line of discipline and enjoyment. You have to listen to what your body needs, to what your mind needs, and make time for people who matter.

It goes: health, family, friends, inspiring work, and of course, Twizzlers.

Happy second day of September!