August 15, 2014

The Greece Travel Diaries: Mykonos

I couldn't help but think about that Fleet Foxes song, Mykonos (which was sadly missing from my music playlist) during our four-hour boat ride to the island, from Athens.

Mykonos, the dry island as they call it, didn't have the lush landscapes that I was used to during my time in Northern Greece. It did, however, fulfill the exact fantasy that I had about Greece from watching films. Blue and white homes sprinkled everywhere; candy-coloured lacquered shutters; cobblestone hills and streets; evil eyes in store windows; and tourists, tons and tons of tourists.

Mykonos is where people go to have a good time. Maria and I would spend the day at the beach, head back to our hotel, change for dinner, and then after dinner head back to nap, before heading out again after midnight.

As I get older, I seem to be less inclined to stay out crazy late, or find the most raging party on vacation. Instead, I prefer night strolls, one cocktail, and chatting about plans for the next day. In Mykonos, sleep is for the weak, and let's just say, I tried my best to stay strong.

One of my favourite sights were the Mykonos windmills that overlook the sea, and at sunset draw crowds of people to take photos and sit by the ledges.

Below are a few photos I took! Enjoy.