August 5, 2014

The Greece Diaries - Halkidiki & Metsovo

The next two stops on my Greek adventure were Metsovo and Halkidiki.

Metsovo is a medieval town on the mountains of Northern Greece. We stopped there for lunch on our way back from Lefkada, and spent a couple of hours taking photos, and eating saganaki. 

What is saganaki? Saganaki is a square block of fried cheese that is typically served as an appetizer to your heart. Metsovo also felt like I fell into the storybook of Hansel and Gretel. 

Once we arrived back to Thessaloniki, it was time to repack my mini luggage because we were heading to the beach again. This time, we were going to Halkidiki, which is where everyone in Thessaloniki goes on the weekends, or mid-week to "summer." Think of it as The Hamptons. 

Halkidiki or Chalkidiki as they also call it, is located in Northern Greece on the Aegean Sea. It looks like a three-fingered hand, and those fingers, or legs as they call them are where the beaches and summer resorts are. It's about a 30 minute, to a one hour drive depending on which prong you pick. Maria's family has a beach house there, but we stayed at the beach house of her friend Annie. 

Halkidiki was one of the words that took me three days to learn how to pronounce, but once I got it, I got it. We spent the new few days dancing at beach bars, and lying around under straw hut umbrellas with Maria's friends who all welcomed me like I was one of the group. 

In Halkidiki, I tried Maria's mother's spanakopita. After two weeks of being in Greece, it still remained the best thing I ever tasted. Her secret is in the handmade phyllo pastry. 

Below are some photos I took! Enjoy!