June 4, 2014

What to Watch: OITNB

After a heinous winter, the last thing I want to do is spend time inside.

I'm all like, sunshine, sunshine, fresh air, sunshine. What could possibly make me want to curl up on my couch in pajama bottoms with a bowl of popcorn balancing on my bare abdomen? The return of Orange is the New Black!

I previously wrote about my love for the show (and the book) and was elated when I learned that season two was a go!

Netflix Canada graciously invited me to the premiere screening at Malaparte at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto on Monday. The evening was spent drinking signature cocktails (must learn how to make Red's Moscow Mule) and watching the first two episodes. I won't spoil anything, as there are still a few days left until the launch. However, after watching two episodes, I'm itching to find out more. What will happen to Piper and Larry? Who are these new characters? Will Red ever wear white again? 

I'm a fan of television shows that portray not only strong women, but real faces, real bodies and real personalities. There is a scene in the second season when a bunch of older inmates sit together and they say, "We're invisible here, we might as well stick together." Shows like OITNB feature older women and transgender women, and in turn, remove their invisibility in popular culture by giving them a voice onscreen. The show delves into each inmate's back story, and the fear or stigma that you ever associated with them, turns to support. You choose your favourites; you root for their success.

Draw the blinds, grab your jammies; Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix on Friday June 6th.


  1. Such a great show!! Can't wait for June 6th!!! :)

  2. I need to watch this. I am coming over.