June 23, 2014

Life's a snow globe

Life's a snow globe.

We all live in them. We have our little worlds, in the circular bubble that surrounds us. They may be filled with jobs, relationships, apartments, mansions, huts, closets, possessions, family members, lovers, life partners, and bosses. We sit in them, womb-like, squishy in the water that surrounds us, like the first home we ever had.

And then one day, a giant toddler comes up to the globe and flips it over. 

A strange substance fills the air and alters the state of what once was. The continuous flow of peace and order is interrupted. You have to evaluate the change. Is it beautiful or horrifying? What is this constant shaking? Is it subtle drowning? What is happening? 

There are two types of change.

There is change that we choose; choosing to quit your job, choosing to break up with someone, choosing to move. Then there is forced change; getting let go from your job, someone breaking up with you, being forced to find a new place. I've been on the side of both forces of change, but mostly I like to choose change. Recently, I've been on the other side.

I believe that the universe will give you change when you need it even if you're not ready to choose it. 

I wrote a bunch of thank you cards this weekend and it reminded me that no matter how many shakes pop up in my life, there is always something to be grateful for. The list of reasons goes from the macro (family, roof, friendship, health) to the micro (soft pajamas, bare feet on summer grass, French press coffee).

You can't predict change. You can't hide in snow globes. One second there is stillness, the next it's a storm. Maybe the toss up is exactly what you need, or perhaps be grateful that the toddler just shook it, and didn't smash it.

There's always that.


  1. thank you for this - xxxx

  2. Amanda beautiful and inspiring post. Love your attitude. Not easy to adopt, just have to try a little every day. Love you
    Zia G