May 30, 2014

Weekly Mantra + Plant Love

Say aloe to my new roommate! jk.

My latest plant addition obsession is a green, prickly, curvy, aloe plant. (Let's see how long this lives). As this week comes to a close, I also wanted to share a book I'm reading and this week's mantra. I found it at my favourite Chapters location in Toronto, which is shutting down tomorrow. When I went to their closing sale, it looked like the book apocalypse.

Under the piles and piles of leftover books, I found the hardcover version of Susan Sontag: The Complete Rolling Stone Interview. Sontag was an author, intellectual, filmmaker, activist, and professor. Her collection of work spans from novels, to thought-provoking pieces on writing, love, beauty, photography and illness.

This book features her full interview with journalist Jonathan Cott. While reading, I came across this quote and thought it would be a good mantra. See below. 

"Look, what I want is to be fully present in my life -- to really be where you are, contemporary with yourself in your life, giving full attention to the world, which includes you. You are not the world, the world is not identical to you, but you're in it and paying attention it." 

For more on Susan Sontag, check out Brain Pickings' collection of her work. Happy Friday! x