May 27, 2014

Everyday Beauty - Adyam

Say hello to my latest Everyday Beauty, Adyam. I met with the budding entrepreneur to discuss self-acceptance, bathing suit anxiety, and pursuing your personal passion.

On a life-changing trip to Brazil, Adyam noticed that women on the beach had an abundance of confidence. All local women, including those who would be considered large by North American standards, strutted down the sand in skimpy, thong bikinis. No one stared at them, and if anyone did, they didn't seem to care.

It was after this trip that Adyam was inspired to start her own bathing suit line, focusing on a more accurate representation of women and their bodies. With no design background and no idea where to start, she brought 20 bikinis back from Brazil to learn about the fabrics and design. She then quit her job in finance (which she hated) and became an entrepreneur. 

From there, she worked with three local women from Brazil to get her designs brought to life. It was important to her that she worked with local women, to support the economy, and avoid child, or sweatshop labour. These women are part of the creation of her line. Her brand name? Filosofia Swimwear. Filosofia is the Portuguese word for philosophy. 

"It focuses on the idea of questioning your own philosophy of beauty, of body image, of swimwear. I want to create a movement of consciousness. I want to change the way women view each other," said Adyam. 

She believes that women also need to embrace other images of beauty by supporting each other, and most of all, accepting their own bodies. Through letting go of stereotypes and expanding the notion of what is considered beautiful, women can feel safe to try on a bathing suit and walk down the beach; even if a magazine doesn't deem them "beach bod ready." 

With springy, stunner hair, wide expressive eyes, and a strong, positive attitude, I don't think anyone needs convincing of her beauty. Filosofia Swimwear will launch Summer 2014.

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