April 30, 2014

The Sip

Earlier this week, Stef and I wanted to go for post-work drinks, but instead of knocking ourselves over with cocktails, we decided to fuel our bods with smoothies and fresh juice. We checked out Bolt Fresh Bar on Queen West in Toronto. Bolt has plenty of healthy options to choose from, including juices, smoothies, grain bowls and salads. We chose a Greena Colada and Spicy Citrus juice and started the week off on a healthier note. I wore my favourite sweater and scarf from my favourite store, Madewell, and my new cherished J.Crew necklace that I received as a gift over the weekend. Can you believe we still have to wear a scarf at the end of April?

If you're looking for a healthy weeknight option, Bolt is located at 1170 Queen St. West. I mean, who wants to head into the office hungover? Below are the photos that Stef took on our walk back. Enjoy!