April 28, 2014

The New Habits

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There are two habits I've been cultivating lately: 
  1. Making my bed every morning
  2. Cancelling out negative thoughts 
The first, making my bed is a step towards feeling like my life is together. 

Even if my entire apartment has decided to barf on the floor, when I enter my bedroom and my bed is made, I feel a sense of calm.

I always make the bed if I'm staying at someone else's place. So why don't I provide the same self-care to myself? 

I've lived with many roommates who had this habit, and while in the past I thought it was a bit uptight to make your bed every day, I am now part of the pact. Even if it's just throwing my sheets on top of my pillows, I feel like I am starting my day on a better note.

The second habit is monitoring negative thoughts.

There is a lot of advice on this. Good advice varies; monitor what you say to yourself, or if you wouldn't say it to a friend, why say it to yourself? I wouldn't tell a friend that she needs to lose three pounds, or that her dark circles make her look like an old woman, or that she is lazy for watching another episode of House of Lies. 

The best technique I've learned to monitor negative thoughts is the following:

Step 1: Try and become aware of the negative thought 
Step 2: Say "cancel" three times 

Lately, when I think of something negative, Ugh, I suck at everything. I say, Cancel, Cancel, Cancel. 

It allows me to recognize the negative thought, and flip it. Instead of, I suck at everything, how about, I may not be great at everything, but at least I'm trying. Usually when I'm aware of the negative thought, I realize that it's outlandish and made-up. So those are my two habits to jump start the week. 

Now try not to climb back into that made bed...

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  1. I started making my bed every morning too! It just feels so much better when you get home from a long day and have a nice bed to flop on to.