March 11, 2014

When winter asks for another glass of water

I can feel winter lingering beside the front door, chatting like an overzealous guest that doesn't seem to get the hint that he is unwanted. The host twists Winter's scarf in her hands, and eyeballs the watch on her wrist. 

"May I have another glass of water?" winter asks.

The host politely pours some water into a glass and hands it over. Winter slowly slurps the last bit of wetness from the glass, and makes an ahhh sound. He sits by a bench near the door, but doesn't put on his shoes. He continues talking. The host shuffles her feet from side to side. 

It's coming, she thinks. Once he walks out that door, everything will be better. 

Spring inspiration is everywhere. It's in the Madewell lookbook; it's in advertisements like this black and white ad from Banana Republic. It's in the two packages of tulips I bought for my apartment.

My last post I wrote about my Pinterest travel board, but this week I want to share my real pin board. I recently bought a framed pushpin board for my apartment where I could pin photos, words and things that inspire me. From my old MetroCard from my summer in New York, to the eternally cool Daria Werbowy; it's a visual space I can look to for inspiration, in real life.

Below (and tacked onto my board) is this week's mantra. It is from Kurt Vonnegut and the quote came inside a Christmas card that I received from my old coworkers. I find it particularly useful right now while waiting for spring. Hope you enjoy it! x 

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