March 25, 2014

The Creative Life

I usually spend my weekends balancing social plans, eating dark chocolate in my bra, listening to music or watching Netflix; and sitting for hours at my laptop inventing freelance pitches and working on my "stories."

My "stories" are my projects. Personal essays, short stories, creative writing; they are the never ending projects that keep me busy. Stef and I recently met up to chat about collaborating on a new online project, and to drink Negronis in the middle of the day. While adding another project to my plate may not be the best way to complete the others, I'm always looking to collaborate with creative people. 

Creativity is all about believing in the power of making different choices. 

It isn't just about being a writer, painter, or photographer; bringing creativity into your life can be as simple as thinking of something fun to do with your kids; making a new recipe for dinner; or buying a colourful pillow for your couch. Sure, all of those choices don't equate to creating the next Mona Lisa, but they will bring variation into your life. 

Even if creativity involves failing, and the only person who will like it is your mother (okay, my mother); if you get enjoyment from something creative, keep on pushing through. Surround yourself with people who believe in it, and you.

And if all else fails, drink a Negroni.

Photo credits: Stefania Sgambelluri