March 27, 2014

Sisterhood, Surfboards and Snow Queens

I recently watched Disney's Frozen (based on the tale, The Snow Queen) during a Sunday bout of exhaustion from a packed weekend. I wanted to watch something I could zone out to, instead of feeling quizzical, or emotionally distraught after. 

What I got instead was a movie that I absolutely adored, and a week full of singing in my kitchen 'Let it gooooooo! Let it gooooooooooooooo!' Sorry neighbours, and no, I do not live with a toddler. 

I appreciated Frozen's representation of girls. The sisters, Elsa and Anna (pronounced Ahhna) did not need men to rescue them; they were just as fine figuring it out on their own. They talked the way girls talk; they weren't weird, creepy adults trapped in girl bodies. I also enjoyed the theme of sisterhood that the movie focused on. 

As an older sister, much like Elsa (a bit uptight, always feeling like she had to be the responsible one) I'd do anything for my sister. I recently bought her the above mug when I knew she was having a rough week because she loves Beyonce. (Surfboard, Surfboarddd). I also had to buy one for myself. I picked them up from the Fitzroy Boutique Pop Up Shop in Toronto. (Similar available here). 

We are also heading away for the weekend because when your sister asks you to be her travel mate, you pack your bags. So here's to sisters, (princesses or not) and the impending weekend. x