March 26, 2014

Online Reading Files

photo credit: The Vault Files
Looking for something new to read? Below are some of my favourite places online to click. Enjoy! x

Annie Dean - Somewhere along the way, we all forgot how to fold a napkin or how not to text at dinner. Lawyer Annie Dean's blog is a lesson in good manners as she focuses on etiquette and entertaining. She also lives a glam little life in NYC with her husband, and their adorable babe. 

The Skimm - Want to sound smart at your next dinner party? The Skimm is an email newsletter that offers the most important daily news in snippets. From politics and sports, to pertinent celebrity news (Gwyneth and Chris?!) they summarize what you need to know and deliver it to your inbox before you start your day. I usually read it in the morning before I get up so I have a better idea of what's going on in the world. (I also work in PR, so this is a pro for my job)

The Vault Files - I met Gaby in a boot camp class I used to take in the summer called Strive Life. I realized she had a blog when I discovered her in an online feature. She's humble, sweet, and super fit! Her blog features stunning photography, the best weekly fashion collages on the web, and home decor that would make anyone envious. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells prints of her beautiful florals.

Sprouted Kitchen - Sara and Hugh Forte created Sprouted Kitchen to document their love for healthy, whole foods. Hugh photographs while Sara writes and recipe plans. It's kind of the most perfect husband and wife project. The photos are less commercial or editorially styled than you would find on other food blogs, but it is the simplicity that makes them moody and beautiful.

What You Learn In Your Forties - This isn't a blog, but rather an Op-Ed from the New York Times, on one writer's musings on turning 40 in Paris and what she's learned along the way. No, I'm not 40, but I love reading sage advice from people who've lived it.