March 17, 2014

Green, not the leprechaun kind

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This weekend, I did not indulge in any green beer festivities. I had the same feeling I had last year about the holiday. While today is the official holiday, the only greens that seem to speak to me are in my salad.

Below is a recipe I created over the weekend called Easy Greens. It features a few simple ingredients for a bitter, tart salad with goat cheese adding some indulgence. Also to note, when I tried to write broccolini on my phone, autocorrect changed it to neocolonialism. Enjoy!

Easy Greens
  • half a bunch of broccolini (little broccoli) 
  • half a bunch of Tuscan/dinosaur kale (important to choose this type) 
  • one clove of garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt
  • spoon of goat cheese
      • Note: expand recipe based on what kind of dish you are making. A side dish, or a larger salad. 
1. Heat oil and one smashed clove of garlic on a frying pan. (I use coconut oil for this part)
2. Coarsely chop broccolini and add to frying pan on low to medium heat
3. Remove ribs from the kale (ribs are the tough green middles/stem) and break or cut into small pieces
4. Add olive oil to kale pieces and massage with hands until fully coated (this massage helps to soften and break down the kale's bitterness)
5. Remove broccolini from heat after 5-6 minutes, add to kale
6. Add an additional glug of olive oil, sea salt, and one (or more) spoons of goat cheese
7. Enjoy!

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