March 4, 2014

Cabin Fever - Get Pinning!

Raise your hand if you have cabin fever?

It's a sweltering -20 degrees here in Toronto today, and it's March. Most people have been cooped up for months now, ONLY leaving their caves to get to another location, you know, like the office. No leisurely strolls. No welcoming smiles. No cute outfit preparation because no one will see it on the street anyways.

I recently organized my Pinterest account to feature some of my personal photography. One of my favourite new boards is my Wanderlust board, which features some of my travel photography. There is nothing like cabin fever to make you want to scroll through your old travel photos.

I also added the Pinterest button to my blog so anyone can pin photos they like directly from the site. Below are some of my favourite travel photos to worsen my wanderlust.

Don't forget to follow along on Pinterest here! Enjoy. x

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