February 25, 2014

Weekly Mantra - Your assumptions...

This week's mantra comes from one of my favourite sites, Brain Pickings. The quote below was pulled from an anonymous advice column called Dear Sugar. The column was later published into a book. Interesting fact: the anonymous author is actually Cheryl Strayed of the bestselling novel Wild.

Below is a snippet I found rather interesting. For the full advice, click here.

"Your assumptions about the lives of others are in direct relation to your naïve pomposity. Many people you believe to be rich are not rich. Many people you think have it easy worked hard for what they got. Many people who seem to be gliding right along have suffered and are suffering. Many people who appear to you to be old and stupidly saddled down with kids and cars and houses were once every bit as hip and pompous as you." - Cheryl Strayed via Brain Pickings