February 24, 2014

The Weekend Read: Kinfolk Magazine

Last week was one of those busy, blurry, key clicking weeks.

I didn't manage to squeeze in any blog posts, and by the time the weekend arrived, I barely wanted to look at another screen.

While the internet is the land of pretty things, sometimes I need something real in my hands; pages I can flip instead of click. On the weekend, I want to sit back and absorb something different.

I first discovered Kinfolk magazine online (surprise, surprise) and then through their print editions. When my first two copies arrived I didn't touch them. Instead, I used them as apartment decor. And yet, the whimsy covers would call out to me as I walked by. The tagline: 'Discovering new things to cook, make and do' enticed me to embrace a simpler time.

This past weekend, I sat with a cup of tea and devoured both issues. Pages about travel, weekend trips, recipes and growing old stimulated my recharge.

I ordered my issues from Chapters, but if you're not sold yet, click your way to their website: to check them out first.

Trust me, once Saturday rolls around, you'll want the paper.