January 3, 2014

The New Ritual / The Resolution

A resolution can be defined as: 'a course of action determined or decided on.'

A year is a cycle. Even if you don't believe in resolutions, or you don't really stick with them, it is natural to desire a fresh start, or a better you. 

This year, I decided to start a new ritual. One of my favourite lifestyle blogs, Annie Dean had a cute yearly ritual where she writes down her resolutions each NYE, and then reads them the following year.

I thought it was an interesting way to start the year. Generally, I don't really have a consistent routine when it comes to making resolutions. I either write them on my blog, or in a notebook (that I would be lucky to find come 2015) and I don't ever reflect again on them.

I asked my best friend if she wanted to write them with me, and she agreed. Before heading to a NYE dinner party, she came over and we had champagne and sat down like two schoolgirls with an assignment and started writing. We then sealed our identical envelopes, wrote our initials on the covers and traded. We vowed that we wouldn't peek at the other person's card, and that we would trade again in 2015.

Despite the fact that I do have a public diary blog, sometimes I don't like revealing everything here. I know that sharing my resolutions publicly would give them more accountability, but for now, I know that my hopeful changes and wishes are stuck in my best friend's sock drawer.

And that's safe enough for me.

Do you have any resolutions this year? I'd love to hear them! x

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  1. Ciao Amanda!
    I don't really know whether to call mine goals or resolutions but either way one of them is to take life less seriously and have more fun, each and every day.