January 30, 2014

Fighting old lady hands + other polar vortex activities

It's flipping cold.

The type of cold that makes your nostril hair stick to the inside of your nose; the kind that makes people grunt as they walk by in the morning; the type that makes you want to stay indoors, forever.

How does one survive?

1. Get soft bits: My good friend (and partner-in-office crime) Laura saw that my hands had aged 68.5 years during this so called "polar vortex," despite the fact that I wear gloves everyday. Scaly, red and itchy, my hands would soak up cream like a thirsty football fan at the Super Bowl. She recommended Weleda's Skin Food. With organic pansy and calendula flower, this cream is magic! MAGIC. It's also non-greasy (major plus). My hands now look like they belong to a 16 year old reality star who spends her days practicing for her learner's permit. (Note: I got mine at Noah's Natural Foods).

2. Books in Bed: I read all year round, even when it's nice out, but I do find that when it's cold out, I look forward to cozying up in bed and getting all literary. Winter reads? The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman. Do you want a look into the male psyche through a female author? The main character Nate (A budding writer who lives in Brooklyn) is callous, selfish and shallow, but you never doubt Waldman's view. Her writing has strength. Runner Up: Magazines! I just picked up Vogue's February issue with Lena Dunham to see what the fuss is about. I think she looks great, retouched or not. A huge jump for aspiring cover girls everywhere!

3. Green Drinks: Sometimes I tell myself, I should really keep a box of donuts by my bed so when I wake up in the morning, I don't have to get move. However, now is the time to stick to a healthy routine. Juicing feels too fresh for this weather, so I turn to smoothies. Make sure to add greens (this one has kale, swiss chard and spinach) and other health boosters like chia seeds, hemp hearts and flax seed. 

Whatever your winter ritual, here's looking waiting for you Spring!


  1. Love the nostril description haha so true.

  2. Isn't Lena's spread magnificent? I also really enjoy Kate Upton's! Hope you're feeling better! xx