January 21, 2014

And on the fifth day, she had internet! (installed)

I've officially moved into my new apartment!

Here's what I've learned:
  • Remind me to stay put: Every time I move, I vow not to do it again for at least 5 years. The amount of lugging, packing, sorting and organizing is exhausting. Don't get me started on setting up new accounts, writing checks and cleaning someone else's bathtub. 
  • Minimalism is hotter than Jared Leto's man bunThe moment I don't think I have a lot of stuff, I end up with 28 boxes full of stuff. Moving makes me want to streamline everything. Do I need that stack of old magazines? (no, yes, no, yes) Do I need more than one sweater the shade of a highlighter? (no, yes, no). Making sure to donate clothes to charity, and sort through items that I can give to friends/family helps me reduce clutter and start fresh. Apparently that's one secret to happiness.
Speaking of reducing things, here are a few things I'm living without: 
  • Science Ovens: When I first looked at my apartment, I almost didn't want to live in it because of the gargantuan microwave. It took up the entire counter of the kitchenette. I mean, WHERE WOULD I CHOP MY BEETS?! Finally, I decided not to make a decision based on one removable appliance. The first day I moved in, I made sure to motion to my father to unplug the beast and take it with him. My parents offered to give me theirs, but I declined. I'm going to try and live like my grandmother did. She didn't use a microwave, and she's the best cook I know. The whole thing reminded me of Jennifer Lawrence's character in American Hustle when she calls the microwave (which was a novelty in the seventies) a "science oven, that takes all the nutrition out of food.
  • Surfing Channels: When budgeting new expenses, I decided to forgo cable. I don't really need it, the way I need groceries or a place to sleep. I can spend the time I normally would flipping channels, flipping the pages of a book. Now before I sound like a high and mighty jerk, don't worry, I have Netflix, and friends with cable that I can bother when I want to watch The Academy Awards. 
  • Humans: As mentioned, this is my first place without a roommate. I was nervous at first to try it on my own, but so far, so good. The freedom of living alone has allowed me to walk around scantily clad at all hours, and blast music while brushing my teeth in the morning. I do miss my roommate (because she is the best) but we talk so much, it's like I never left. 
The above photo features my first shot at putting something together. I bought the tray for $4.99 at Value Village, and the other items were gifts (my mom bought me the blue and white china tea pot; my sister and her best friend gave me the plants). The postcard I picked up at Me & Mine, a Toronto restaurant that serves the best brunch. I then framed it. 

I hope whoever comes to visit feels warmly greeted to meet my new space.

I'm already fondly acquainted.


  1. Hell yeah to living without a microwave!!!
    So when can I come visit?

  2. Congrats on your new place and I love that tray setup. It's beautiful! Also, yes, moving is the worst and minimalism does help. But it's hard! Stuff is so pretty and wonderful!... until you have to move it. Good luck settling in :)

  3. Living without a microwave is much healthier for you. Way to go!

  4. Love this! Can't wait for the tour next week :)

  5. Ofcourse you would be settling in perfectly! But I did appreciate the man bun link...hb. Love, julesbear

  6. I've also been living without all three for a year now! Your don't need them trust me. The worst part about not having a microwave is to easily defrost things like bread. I was lucky enough to plug in my cable cord and receive free standard cable (shhh), and you can always have your fiends over (although sometimes/a lot of the time) you'll be perfectly content alone!