December 30, 2013

Weekly Mantra - The Alternative Life

Please mind the gap in blog posting; I've been indulging in the holidays.

The holiday break brings a myriad of events that allow families and friends to come together at the end of the year for celebrations. I recently read an interesting article on Vogue from their blogger Karley Sciortino who writes the blog Slutever. The article focuses on how Sciortino deals with going home for the holidays, and the realization that her life ambitions don't necessarily match up to people her age; who all seem to be married or with kids. The article highlights the way in which we compete with others and ourselves and how as the year closes, sometimes it's best to embrace the alternative choices, instead of comparing. I really enjoyed it.

Below is a quote from the article. Enjoy!

"We all evaluate ourselves; we all hope on some level that at the end of the year, we’re better than the last. So sure, I can throw off the bowlines, but if it’s not the lighthouse that guides me, then maybe it’s the moon and the stars. Be confident enough to assess your own progress. If you choose to live alternatively, then you should embrace that and do the best you can rather than waste your time thinking about how much more comfortable the grass looks on the other side. For me, uncertainty feels like a small price to pay to live a life less calculated."