December 19, 2013

How To Be An Adult

photo credit: Pinterest
No one really knows how to be an adult. The title is fictitious as I don't believe there is any way to be anything. The below thoughts are my own personal experiences on that thing called growing up.

Adults feed their friends' cats in a blizzard.

This past weekend, I had the responsibility of feeding Kiel and Carly's cats while they were on vacation. I got special email instructions from Kiel (separate the cats while feeding because one likes to eat the other's food) and a pair of keys. When Kiel handed me his keys he said, "Don't get all millennial on me and forget."

I laughed. Who would forget to feed living creatures? Despite the warmth of my bed, I trudged out in a Saturday blizzard and got it done. It was then I realized that people don't let 10 year olds into their homes to feed their hairy companions. This is what adults do.

Adults don't go to NYC when they need to buy a couch.

For the first time in three years I'm not heading to New York for New Year's Eve.

Last year, I sat in a closed tattoo parlour in Brooklyn at 5 a.m. with friends, listening to Frank Ocean while imagining the year ahead. In 2013, I was always torn between planting roots; partially because my love of New York, and partially because I liked picking up and leaving without responsibility.

This past weekend, I stood in my soon-to-be new apartment while my Dad measured the space where a couch could possibly fit. This will be my first place sans roommate. The first place where I will be able to put a nail in a wall; a place of my own.

Therefore, any NYC/NYE flight money will go towards a couch fund. Let's hope it's a comfy one.

Adults don't fake sick to go see Beyonce

The other day my sister messaged me to let me know that her boyfriend surprised her with Beyonce tickets. How sweet! I nearly fell off my chair when she said,

"I'd see if we can get an extra ticket, but I know you have a work event tonight."

Being an adult means not flinging your body down a flight of stairs to hairline fracture a bone, or start dramatically coughing around the office to fake an illness. Being an adult means going to your work event, and listening to #Yonce on your iPhone on the way home instead. P.S. - my amazing sister did get me a concert t-shirt.

Adults ask for help because we're still kids on the inside

Being an adult means you don't have to always handle it all on your own. It means reaching out when you need it. Asking for a hand. Asking for a hug. Asking for a break.

Sometimes, it really isn't easy. I don't know how I imagined my life in my mid twenties, but I probably thought it would look like someone I saw in a movie when I was 15. Perhaps Kate Hudson in How to Lose A Guy in 10 days. The way she wanted to be a "real writer" but got stuck with the "How To" section. Well Kate/Andie, if it was 2014, you could've just started a politics blog WHILE still keeping your job? I digress.

I believe that adulthood is about putting your best foot forward and making decisions that don't only benefit yourself. And when in doubt, channel Beyonce.


  1. I think this may be the best post you have written in recent memory. Maybe ever! Love it!

  2. This post warms my heart. Beautiful writing! And be sure to share a photo of that couch when you choose one :)

  3. I hear you sista - a trip to NYC is a difficult one to turn down. Hope you found an awesome couch! <3