December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Today is the last day of 2013.

For me, this year was like a five hour movie where I didn't fully grasp the message until the last 15 minutes.

It wasn't a lost year, because I don't necessarily believe in anything being lost. Time is time, and almost all experiences are valuable even if the meaning isn't clear right away. The first half of 2013 felt like a sleepwalk for me. I wasn't sure of what I wanted in my career; I realized that I needed a bedroom with a window; I couldn't find my spark.

The second half, triggered by the moment I took that flight to Italy, was the start of a subtle growth period; an awakening. I started to make real decisions for myself. I carved out the change.

My boss recently gave me an ivy plant as a parting gift. As per the instructions on the tag, ivy hedera plants prefer to be in light to shaded environments. They do need to be taken care of, and water makes all the difference. Most importantly, they don't need direct sunlight to thrive.

I never understood this more than this year.

(Happy New Years Eve, all. Thanks for reading and sticking with me this year!) x