December 16, 2013

Call Me, Always - They're Engaged!

"Jose proposed!" were the first words out of my cousin Laura's mouth when I picked up her phone call on Saturday night.

Then came, "And you're the first person I called (after my parents) because I'm scared of you!"

We both laughed. I knew where her fear came from.

Earlier this year I told her that if she gets engaged, I better not find out about it via social media. I mean, the last thing I could imagine is scrolling through an Instagram feed while chomping on a chocolate dipped pretzel at a holiday party and notice a collage of my cousin and her boyfriend and some caption that says, "Officially #engaged! Omg!"

That's not how we roll.

Lolo as I used to call her was my sidekick during the years when we couldn't even pronounce each other's names. She was there during the obsession of Barbie dolls, Full House and Nsync concerts. We were the kids who sang Mariah Carey's Dreamlover in my basement, on repeat, on a CD. We drove our parents crazy tying up the landlines, and the moment we got our own personal email addresses, communication was endless. We've been through more piano and dance recitals than anyone had talent for; Hocus Pocus and Pretty Woman movie nights; crop tops in Disney Land; and dreaming up the day when we'd meet boys cooler than Freddie Prinze Jr.

And she did. Her fiancé Jose has the biggest heart, brightest personality and fits in with our family like he's been there the whole time.

Laura once read that the offspring of identical twins (our fathers are identical twins) are actually considered siblings, because half their genes are the same. While this scientific study is cool, I never really needed that information.

We've always been sisters.

Congrats guys! x


  1. So beautiful Amanda, I love you!

  2. LOL I commented under the wrong one before

  3. Love this. and love the choco pretsel mention :).

  4. Amanda this is lovely! - Renee

  5. I love this so much! Congrats Laura and Jose! Could not be happier for you both! xoxoxo