November 19, 2013

Weekly Mantra - Jennifer Lawrence

[image via GQ
As if anyone needed another reason to love Jennifer Lawrence. 

Lawrence, everyone's (and no one's) sweetheart, spoke up during a chat with Yahoo's Marissa Mayer. During the interview she received a question from a father who spoke on behalf of his daughter who wanted to know how Jennifer deals with pressure from the media to look a certain way, maintain a certain body.

Lawrence's response was honest and not just what a publicist would want her to say. She also slammed my least favourite show in the universe.

Because of her bravado, and belief in reality, she is this week's mantra. Enjoy!

"[S]hows like the Fashion Police . . . put values in all the things that are wrong and [say] that it’s okay to point at people and call them ugly and call them fat and they call it “fun” and “welcome to the real world.” And it’s like, that shouldn’t be the real world. That’s going to keep being the real world if you keep it that way. It’s not until we stop treating each other like that and just stop calling each other fat . . . with these unrealistic expectations for women. It’s disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire." - Jennifer Lawrence (via Man Repeller)


  1. Almost everything in Hollywood is at least slightly ironic, and decidedly modern or post modern in sensibility. Outright racism or misogyny is now rare in Hollywood. Hollywood is basically far more socially conscious. Bollywood is almost entirely about money, much more so than Hollywood. Often mob money. One highly visible motif is the highly problematic rise of "item numbers."

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