November 27, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Muhubo

I met Muhubo during my time working at a new PR agency.

We were coworkers but became fast friends. She was the first person to teach me how to use a French Press since we had a communal one in the office; (I'm now obsessed with my own) and she was always giving me advice and helping me through my day.

I was grateful to have a new friend in a new place. We reconnected recently over coffee, and there was one thing different about her from the last time we saw each other.


She used to have extensions that rested almost to her belly. They were blonde and long and she wore them in so many different styles. She told me that this haircut happened because she had a tangling incident with her braid extensions that left her no choice but to lop it all off. I told her that if I cut off all of my hair, I'd look like Felicity, or Justin Timblerlake circa 90s Nsync.

Our portrait series was one of my absolute favourites. Muhubo brings light everywhere she goes. Generally when people cut off all of their hair in a dramatic way, they are itching for it to grow back.

Instead Muhubo owns it, revealing a face that doesn't need anything extra to shine.

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