November 7, 2013

A Little Bit Bookish

Confession: I've been reading more than writing lately.

This confession isn't necessarily a negative thing. Any advice I've ever read about writing says that if you don't read, you don't really have any business writing. To be a better writer, you must become a voracious reader.

Whether you are a writer or not, below are some recent reads that I quite enjoyed. I have a stack of books piled beside my bed, so get ready for more recommendations this month.

I mean, now that it gets dark at 4:45 p.m., what better time to pick up a book?

Dear Life - The moment Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize, I couldn't believe that I hadn't read any of her literary greatness. Dear Life is a series of short stories all covering aspects of life, from death to adultery - but without succumbing to dramatics. Small town backdrops and detailed prose carry the narratives. A must read.

Eleanor & Park - I like to take literary dips into the young adult fiction genre when I'm looking for a light read. It takes me back to the times of high school and first loves. Eleanor & Park tells the story of two offbeat teenagers who meet on their school bus in 1986. The rest is told through alternating chapters through each character's perspective.

The Lover's Dictionary - Ever wonder what words signify love? The Lover's Dictionary is an unconventional way to tell a love story. Every page features a different definition from the alphabet in a way that defines the relationship's story. The story goes from A-Z, outlining the highs and lows of a serious relationship. C for creativity!

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