October 16, 2013

Tween Dreams and Training Bras

I first met Christina when I was 12 years old.

My family recently moved to a new neighbourhood, and my aunt wanted me to meet her friend's daughter who attended my new school. 

When Chris greeted me at the door, she didn't look like the tweens I knew. (note: the word tween didn't exist when I was in this age range). 

First, she was wearing makeup. I don't think I even wore Bonne Bell Chapstick. Her tank top had four spaghetti straps, until I realized two of those straps belonged to a training bra! I stood awkwardly in the doorway with my frizzy hair and a shirt with nothing on underneath.

She took me to her room and gave me the rundown of the new school I'd be attending. She pulled out her grade five class photo and pointed to her...BOYFRIEND?! She assured me that I would have one in grade six. (Note: I did not). I did, however, graduate to training bras.

This past weekend, I waited outside her parents' house but this time I knew all about the girl who answered the door. 14 years of friendship and she's again the first to cross a big milestone. 

I'm honoured to stand by her. x


  1. Can't believe she is getting married! But then again, we always knew she would be the first. Going to be such a crazy year! :) xo

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