October 18, 2013

The Big Question - What Are You Thankful For?

This Thanksgiving, before eating, we all had to state what we are thankful for.

When it was my turn to say my gratitude, I got a little bit awkward as I normally do when the attention is on me. I started my sentence with an "Ummm...," and then someone shouted,

"She's grateful for New York!"

Everyone had a chuckle (haha, very funny) and then the spotlight moved on. I did, however, have something to say, and I didn't really push to stay it once I lost the moment.

So here goes it: I am grateful for consistency. 

It doesn't matter if I've had the worst week of my life, or if I just won the lottery, when I walk into my aunt's house on Thanksgiving, everything is the same. There will always be too many pies to taste, the annual walk after lunch and squishy bread stuffing. Some years we may add a chair for a new boyfriend or a new baby, and other years, life forces us to take some away, but we always come back to each other. Beyond Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for a family that chooses to remain together. To live nearby one another. To take care of each other. To keep it all going.

In a world where everyone is fixated on how they can upgrade every aspect of their lives from their phones to their jobs, I'm happy to say that in this area of my life, I wouldn't change a thing.


  1. It is strange how we (the so called adults) thought all this mattered more to us. And to see how all you kids feel about it, how you all look forward to it touches my heart much more than I can ever express in words. Love you lots. Zia g

  2. well said! make no mistake, everyone yearns for a warm and loving family; the challenge is to enjoy and cherish every one of these precious moments together because they come and go so quickly. Zio Sav

  3. It's awesome writing and wonderful thinking ....and keep it up