September 6, 2013

What More Could You Want?

We were sitting inside at a bar on a rainy holiday Monday and Julia turned over to us and went into a mini-monologue about how grateful she is, right now, in this moment. 

She pointed out that we are all healthy, happy, in good company, and in New York City; what more could we ask for?

She then got a bit embarrassed as she knew she was gushing, but I was so happy she did. 

I find that sometimes people get uncomfortable around emotion, and others notice. It's the moment when you think, oh wait, should I say that out loud? 

The answer is always yes.  

The smallest things - like realizing that in my favourite park there are bursts of red. Artist Orly Genger created the below red rope installations in Madison Square Park, and while waiting in line at the Shake Shack my eyes were drawn to red balloons. 

The simplest things bring the most joy. The power of a warm colour, the giggling gossip when reuniting with good friends and the ability shake off the wetness of an umbrella, and instead reflect on the goodness around you. 

Keep on gushing people. 

Have a great weekend! x