September 25, 2013

On Making Mushroom Risotto

This past weekend I finally had the chance to make dinner for a few of my closest friends.

With opposite work schedules, summer commitments, wedding weekends and a general tendency to want to be outdoors during the summer, it was near impossible. 

But then the clouds opened, the temperature dropped and we all had one Sunday free. 

Dinner was Mushroom Risotto as taken from Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course cookbook's recipe for Easy Arancini. The recipe was confusing because I had three people to feed, and the measurements were enough for rice balls, not risotto. I ended up doubling the ingredients, which led to Amanda's confused cooking face.

Cooking for me is an escape from myself. It's a form of creativity. I like watching ingredients change colour. I enjoy when my apartment is filled with strange aromas.  

Lately, whether it's writing something, or making the worst meal ever, I want to be active in the process of creation. 

I've been talking about more on the blog about confidence and how it is something that I struggle with. Cooking is another area where I become self-conscious. It usually comes in the form of me saying, "You don't have to eat that," or "If you hate it, don't feel bad."

However, after what felt like years of stirring, the risotto actually turned out pretty well. My guests then exaggerated their love for the meal, because, well, they are the best.

Below are some photos, including the debut of my personalized apron from Florence. Enjoy! x 


  1. FYI - mushroom risotto is my fav!

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