September 23, 2013

New Weekly Mantra - Are You Embarrassed Of Your Interests?

I was out with a friend for lunch recently and we chatted about our interests.

She said that she thinks people must find her boring because she likes yoga, knitting and drinking tea. I said that people must think the same thing of me because I like to sit around and write stories, and read cookbooks to find new recipes.

We both agreed that we prefer our low key hobbies to hitting the town every night, or getting all gussied up. It's a sign of age right? Getting older must yield to a more relaxed schedule, we believed. 

But the real problem with the conversation was that we were concerned what other people would think of our interests.  

This past week, I was embarrassed to tell an acquaintance on Saturday night how I spent my Saturday afternoon. The truth was I spent the day creating my own sandwich recipe to enter into a contest. Instead of hiding it, I ended up telling my story and I wasn't met with any condemnation. (Surprise!) 

If spending my afternoon creating a recipe for a contest I'll never win is the key to my happiness, so be it. It's my weekend. And if knitting, yoga and tea makes my friend happy, then power to her. 

Besides, the people who criticize my interests aren't really going to be invited over for a sandwich party, and I'm sure my friend will only make scarves for people who will appreciate them. 

This week's mantra comes from Julia Child (who learned to cook when she was 32 by the way) and reminds us that no matter what you love, keep at it.

"Find something you’re interested in and keep tremendously interested in it."