September 17, 2013

Finishing It

Those are 33 post-it notes currently stuck on my bedroom wall.

This way, when I wake up each morning, I'm faced with my ideas. They highlight scenes from a screenplay I've been "working" on for years. Working is put in quotations, because while I have all the elements of my story, while I have scraps of paper with the characters and dialogue, and while I have 22 pages written in a script format, I haven't been able to finish.

As an aspiring writer, my life is full of first, second and third drafts. I write things I know I'll never submit. I have 3073 words of a young adult novel. I think about my made-up stories and characters as if they are friends that I don't always make time for. 

So once again I vow to finish something. 

I just finished working on a personal essay that I feel is almost ready. The big test will be sending it off. It could be the fear of rejection that may come with finishing a project. Once it's done, the only thing left to do is to work with someone to edit it, and then try to make it into something bigger than your notebook. 

I do know that I get strong satisfaction out of ending a scene, or writing new dialogue. This is something I've always felt, even as a child. I've always loved creating stories. 

Even if you are not an aspiring writer, I urge you to finish something.

Even if the only thing you've started is an idea, give it a shot.

Because even if I finish my script, my novel, my essay, and they do not get published, at least I can say that I completed something. 

And that could be the start of everything. 


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