August 21, 2013

To Read/Watch: Orange is the New Black

image cred: Barnes and Noble  
I first discovered Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

I raced through the series in just over a week, which is rare as I don't watch much television during the summer.

The show, based on a memoir, tells the story of Piper Chapman who despite her blonde, blue-eyed upper-middle class appearance, still gets sentenced to 15 months in prison for her past participation in helping her ex-girlfriend's international drug ring. You read that correctly. Piper is played by Taylor Schilling who I initially recognized as the girl who makes out with Zac Efron in that movie about dog kennels.

After blowing through season one, I wanted to learn more. Netflix Canada sent me the book to review, after I probably tweeted about the show a zillion times.

The book is less sensationalized than the show which features more soap-opera dramatics. The book gives a more detailed, day-to-day view into Piper's experience in prison and also information on how the correctional system fails the women it takes in, and lets go. To me, the most interesting aspect of the book is how easy it is to get attached to the women. Their stories became real stories, and their friendships become the most valuable force throughout Piper's story.

Whether you read or watch, you won't be able to stop.


  1. Definitely going to be my next read!

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