August 15, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Laura

Meet Laura!

We work together in "PR land" and spend a good share of our bonding time bouncing out of the office starved for something caffeinated. If you pop by Laura's desk, you will instantly notice her love affair with felines due to her desk decor. My favourite item is a cut-out cat calendar that rests by her keyboard.

Someone once captioned a photo of her saying she looks like a young Meryl Streep. I always tell her that she has the face for the big screen, with her wide expressive cornflower blue eyes, hair that looks like it was highlighted by baby angels and ridiculously translucent skin. Laura also has strength in her stature, and a softness in her demeanour that doesn't make you too intimidated by her. She's cool, without ever dare telling you that she's cool.

Below are some photos I took on a coffee break. Cut-out cat calendar not included.

Enjoy! x

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