August 8, 2013

Everyday Beauty - Kelly Lynn

Meet Kelly!

Back in PR school (where we met) we both launched blogs for our social media class assignment. I always loved Kel's blog, Little Red Book and I was so happy when she re-launched her site. Her blog is the ideal destination for DIY, decor, style and beauty. Kelly recently got engaged so she is planning a wedding, and moving into a new loft. She also recently travelled to Italy with her fiancĂ©, so we finally caught up on our trips over a weeknight dinner of caprese salad and margherita pizza.

Kelly's style is always precisely measured - with just the right amount of accessories, or splashes of pattern. Her beauty lies in her pale blue eyes that scrunch up when she laughs, and those pouty lips that beg to be painted. Never overdone, or overdressed; Kelly shows up to every occasion - from a meeting over espresso to a black-tie formal with sartorial expertise, minus the snobbery. 

Check out her blog, and the photos I took below!

Enjoy! x

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