July 15, 2013

The Day Trip

First, my apologies for the lack of blogging last week! 

Settling back into "home life" took a longer, harder, more tiring toll than expected. While getting back into the responsibilities of work, unpacking, and checking off social engagements, I've already come to miss vacation life.

It's always the same process. While away, I may desire to head home to find the shape of my own bed, or see my loved ones, and then shortly after arrival, the comforts wear off and I remember that just a week ago I was horizontal on a beach, or gazing at a Bernini sculpture. 

However, the best thing to daydream about is the day trip. 

It's the mini-vacation you take while on vacation that brings you into a new place, within your already changed atmosphere. My final week in Rome at times, felt a bit suffocating. I knew I couldn't maintain staying in the city for the full duration of my trip, so I looked for some alternative places to hit by train. I took three trips, (all under 2.5 hours) and they quelled my restlessness. I went to: 
  • Santa Marinella - In less time than it takes to watch a movie, you can be transported to beach life. Rent a luxurious fluorescent lounge chair, take out a book, and order a pizzette by the side of the sea. 
  • Villa d'Este - This villa is located in Tivoli and features manicured gardens and flowing fountains fit for royalty, or at that time, religious figures. It also makes the UNESCO's World Heritage site list. 
  • Orvieto - Orvieto is a small town located in Umbria, that is built on volcanic rock called "tuffs." It was the least touristy location I visited during my entire stay in Italy. The tiny town seemed like an idyllic place to live if you want to settle down close to the capital of Italy. I ordered gnocchi with truffle oil (as truffles are Orvieto's specialty) and I bought my own bottle to take back to Canada for recipe testing. 

Below is my final travel diary. Enjoy! x 

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