July 29, 2013

New Weekly Mantra - The Placeholder Life

Do you ever feel like you're waiting to start your life?

I read a quote from writer and lifestyle host Daphne Oz about what it means to create a "real life." Daphne is the author of Relish - a book about home, style and food and her book focuses on living a life that includes balance, beauty and effort. (Note: I own this book, and really like it).

I found the quote interesting because in a way, I've also talked with my friends about what we all desire for the future, without making any tangible changes to get there.

Sometimes it's hard to admit that you may not just end up in the place you want, if you don't start making new habits today.

Whether it's putting up a new shelf, trying a new recipe or taking a new class, there is no better time than today to start living out the kind of life you imagine tomorrow will someday hold.

Below is the quote from Daphne as taken from The Chalkboard Mag. Enjoy! x

"The idea for this book came out of all the conversations I’d had with my friends in which we had talked about what we hoped our “real lives” would look like down the road in 20 or 30 years. In one way or another, we realized that we were all living “placeholder lives” in the meantime, waiting for the moment when we would suddenly have it all figured out. It dawned on me that living in the now, making the most of this moment, is where real life begins. If we don’t lay the solid groundwork today for a dream life that has all the elements we crave – delicious, healthy, indulgent food; a beautiful home that makes us comfortable; an easy wardrobe and beauty routine that lets us feel our best and show that to the world; a purposeful life and rewarding career; strong, supportive, loving relationships with family, friends & partners – we’re never going to wind up there."